The Foundation is governed by an independent seven member Board of Trustees that includes the Bishop of the Diocese of San Angelo who serves as Chairman of the Foundation.  The Trustees manage all of the affairs of the Foundation. They adopt policies, manage the investments by selecting professional asset managers, adopt an annual spend rate that is a policy for distributing money from endowment funds, approve all gifts to the Foundation and all grants made by the Foundation.

Members of the Board of Trustees: 


Most Reverend Michael J. Sis, Bishop of San Angelo



Len Mertz, Ranching, Oil and Gas, and Chairman of Shannon Hospital, San Angelo



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Steve McKay, CPA, Diocese of San Angelo, Finance Officer

Secretary and Treasurer


Joseph Edwin Canon, Foundation Director and Investments, Abilene


Mike LaMonica, Deacon San Miguel Catholic Church, Co-owner of ExL Petroleum L.P.

Kathy Webster, Retired Real Estate Broker, Abilene



Michael Wyse, Diocese of San Angelo, Chancellor







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